Yogurt in chαrαcter. And in α cup.

Six flαvors αnd three sizes to choose from. Your next mαsterpiece is off to α good stαrt.

  • Natural


    If mother nature made frozen yogurt, this would be it. Perfect on its own or as a canvas for toppings.

  • Vanilla


    Born in Madagascar, refined in Italy, unveiled in Greece. Elegant and cosmopolitan, out to get you.

  • Chocolate


    Is there a sweet dessert that can resist the charms of chocolate? Luckily, this one couldn't. Can you?

  • Strawberry


    Yogurt and strawberries make good friends even in the freeze. Inevitably smooth and refreshing.

  • Biscuit


    What's not to like? Frozen, good. Yogurt, good. Biscuit, good! Seriously, it's gooooood.

  • Question mark


    Banana? Melon? What could it be? Each week, it's for us to know and for you to find out. Yes, the chef is whimsy.

  • Size mαtters.

    Would you ever choose a small piece of happiness? Well, maybe if you already had a few. Or if you're experimenting with different ingredients. Remember, fitness is no longer a reason for going small with our fresh and light frozen yogurt. In any case, we have the size options. So pick your cup and rest assured we'll not spoil the fun at the cashier.

    • Small (8 oz / 255 ml)
    • Medium (12 oz / 355 ml)
    • Large (16 oz / 475 ml)